Florida Business Insurance Advisor Celebrates One Year

August 17, 2015

Company: Biscayne Risk & Insurance Group
Address: Coral Springs, FL
Telephone Number: 561.571.1001
Email: info@biscaynerisk.com

Biscayne Risk & Insurance Group Celebrates Their One Year Anniversary

CORAL SPRINGS, FLORIDA – Biscayne Risk & Insurance Group announced today that they hit their first year anniversary. The company was so thankful to all of their clients who never hesitated to put their trust in them. It is one of the biggest celebrations for Biscayne Risk & Insurance Group this year.

Biscayne Risk Insurance Group

Miami’s Biscayne Bay

Biscayne Risk & Insurance Group has gained a lot of trust and recognition from a growing number of clients who believe they provide superior service as compared to many other Florida business insurance advisors.  This trust has been earned by the company as the result of the demonstration of their capabilities and expertise in this field. The company has expertise in commercial property and casualty insurance and they work with a number of specialized industries including marine and construction.

Biscayne Risk & Insurance Group specializes in providing insurances for marine, construction, and supply chain businesses, among others. They advise and negotiate all lines of insurance for mid-size businesses and large urban development projects. Some of the insurances are worker compensation, general liability, property, automobile, marine liabilities, hull and machinery, and builders risk.

Biscayne Risk & Insurance Group has been active within the community as members of the Marine Industries Association of South Florida and the Greater Boca Raton Chamber of Commerce. They currently represent clients in Florida, New York, and New Jersey. The company assures that their team is capable of negotiating all of their clients’ business insurance requirements.

Biscayne Risk & Insurance Group was established in order to exceed the recent anticipations of the small to middle sized commercial insurance buyers through providing an analytical service model which focuses on the unique needs of their clients. Their honest and straight-forward approach gives their clients a comprehensive and clear understanding of the risks that they face. Their team has worked in different capacities inside of the insurance industry on the broker and carrier side. They have in-depth knowledge of risk transfer strategies and they work to combine that with a complete understanding of the business operations of their clients.


To learn more about Biscayne Risk & Insurance Group, please do not hesitate to visit them at www.biscaynerisk.com. For inquiries, please call them at 561.571.1001 or email them at info@biscaynerisk.com.