Risk Minimization

Via our VPRM® Advisory services, Biscayne Risk & Insurance Group identifies and reduces the risks that effect your business. This analytical service model focuses on your organization’s unique needs and provides you with a thorough understanding of each risk. Our goal is to provide you with the knowledge that will allow you to make the best decision for your business.

VPRM® Advisory. For Risk that can be managed without insurance.

VPRM® Advisory service is comprised of powerful, industry specific solutions focused on reducing risk inherent to your organization. These solutions will reduce future exposures your company would otherwise be faced with due to an adverse occurrence. The program is comprised of four components

  • Risk Assessment & Management

  • Compliance

  • Employee Communication

  • Insurance Advisory

Biscayne Risk’s services will reduce your total cost of risk

Biscayne Risk & Insurance Group wants to help you manage your insurance costs and reduce risk associated with your operations. Our program will identify risks that can cost you money and work to lessen the impact of such an occurrence. Contact a Biscayne Risk Advisor for a consultation.