What is Flood Insurance?

Flooding is a risk to any business, whether you are inland or near the coastline. In fact, in the past five years all 50 states have experienced floods, and at least one in four businesses that shuts down from a natural disaster never reopens. According to the U.S. government, the average commercial flood claim in the past five years has … Read More

What are Florida employers’ responsibilities when purchasing Workers Compensation? (part 2)

As discussed in our previous post, florida employers have specific responsibilities when procuring Workers Compensation insurance.  The Florida Workers’ Compensation Law (WCL) defines employer responsibilities in the workers’ compensation program. The Division of Workers’ Compensation (DWC), which is part of the Florida Department of Financial Services (DFS), monitors compliance with these requirements throughout the state.  We will continue where we … Read More

Top 10 Ways to Control Your Workers Compensation Experience Mod

manage workers compensation experience mod

Your Workers Compensation experience mod is an important component used in calculating your workers’ compensation premium. If you can control your mod, you can lower your price — so we’ve gathered top tips to help you impact your bottom line. Investigate accidents immediately and thoroughly; take corrective action to eliminate hazards, and be aware of fraud. Report all claims to your … Read More

Builder’s Risk Insurance Overview and Tips

Biscayne Risk & Insurance Insures contractors and construction projects - Builder's Risk, Liability

Construction projects, regardless of their size, can present complex insurance issues. Are you confused about your exposures and policy options? If so, it’s no surprise—there are no standard builder’s risk policy forms covering these types of risks. To help you limit your exposure, here are some helpful builder’s risk policy basics. Builder’s Risk coverage is a type of property insurance … Read More

Tree Trimmers Insurance and Safety

Before beginning any tree-care operation, workers should adhere to the following best practices: Establishing best practices in the Tree Trimming workplace is an important factor in keeping workers safe and happy. Biscayne Risk & Insurance has expertise in placing insurance for Tree Trimmers as well as advising on proper risk management techniques. Contact us to discuss your Tree Trimming business … Read More

Florida Workers Compensation Rate Decrease

Good news! The Florida Office of Insurance Regulation recently issued a press release regarding the 9.5% Florida Workers Compensation Rate Decrease, effective 01/01/2018.  The Office has primary responsibility for regulation, compliance and enforcement of statutes related to the business of insurance and the monitoring of industry markets. For addition information, please contact Biscayne Risk & Insurance Group.  For specific rates, you may refer to the FWCJUA … Read More

Creating a Return to Work Program

An organization’s workforce is its most valuable asset. When an employee can’t work due to illness or injury, it impacts not only an organization’s productivity, but also its morale. According to OSHA, 4.1 million US employees experience work-related injuries or illnesses each year and 1.12 million of those employees lose work days as a result. As soon as a worker … Read More

Cyber Security for Business

High-profile cyber attacks on companies such as Yahoo and Target have raised awareness of the growing threat of cyber crime. Recent surveys conducted suggest that many smaller to mid to mid-sized business owners are still operating under a false sense of cyber security. The vast majority of U.S. small businesses lack a formal internet security policy for employees, and only … Read More

Florida Workers Compensation Rate Increase

biscayne risk & insurance group

The Florida Office of Insurance Regulation recently issued a press release regarding the 14.5% Florida Workers Compensation Rate Increase, effective 12/01/2016.  The Office has primary responsibility for regulation, compliance and enforcement of statutes related to the business of insurance and the monitoring of industry markets. The Florida Office of Insurance Regulation has issued an Order that gives contingent approval to an … Read More

Marine Industry Challenges – Workers Compensation/USL&H

Biscayne Risk Insurance Marine Industry Insurance Workers Comp USL&H

A growing concern for some in the marine industry is the challenge of obtaining Workers Compensation insurance with USL&H for their business. Most yards have requirements that all contractors maintain Workers Compensation insurance in order to work on their premise. Without meeting such requirements, contractors sacrifice the ability to work and generate revenue. Workers Compensation has grown increasingly difficult due to … Read More

Business Insurance for Growth

If you are like most business owners, when establishing your company, you need to be cautious with your expenses. Being frugal can mean the difference between making it and going under. So, it is understandable when business owners choose to purchase the required insurance coverages first. Some are statutory, like Workers Compensation and Auto. Other coverages, such as General Liability … Read More

Insurance for Importers and Exporters: What to Consider when Expanding Internationally

You’ve worked hard to get your business to where it is today. You’ve labored countless nights and weekends learning the ins and outs of your industry as well as your customers’ industries. Eventually, you may reach a point where your sales slow or plateau. What is the next frontier for your company? Often the next frontier is to explore potential opportunities outside … Read More

Florida Business Insurance Advisor Celebrates One Year

FOR IMMEDATE RELEASE August 17, 2015 Company: Biscayne Risk & Insurance Group Address: Coral Springs, FL Telephone Number: 561.571.1001 Email: info@biscaynerisk.com Biscayne Risk & Insurance Group Celebrates Their One Year Anniversary CORAL SPRINGS, FLORIDA – Biscayne Risk & Insurance Group announced today that they hit their first year anniversary. The company was so thankful to all of their clients who never … Read More